Kitchens by Clay E-News – February 2014

Hello Spring, what’s the trend?

As we continue to embrace our beautiful weather we may not actually feel the stir of cabin fever but do feel the need for a little (or big) change. Could it be it is a natural course of events that takes place this time of year no matter where you live? We just want to throw open the windows and let the sun shine in and the breezes flow! As for that change – it could be a small but significant change, freshening up the look, getting organized or better yet you may be thinking of new kitchen or bath cabinetry. Not sure what to do? We are finding color is where it is at this season. Whites, grays and espressos accented with shades of blues and greens are topping the charts right now. Mixing and matching textures and adding natural elements for the finishing touches are the desires of many. Just like other industries the spring runway for appliances, fixtures, cabinetry and designer hardware is in full gear adding lots of color, styles and new designs! Thinking of something new? Visit us to help you put a plan together.

Happy Spring!

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