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Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause!

There must be a Santa Clause, Virginia, because I asked him for a successful year again this year and once more he did not disappoint me. It’s as if he

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How Would You Like To Be Green?

I’m not talking about green with envy or even green like a leprechaun. Not the putting green or fried green tomatoes. I’m talking about “green” as it associated with helping

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Let’s Talk About The Triangle This Week.

Not the musical triangle, or the mathematical triangle or even the love triangle that shows up on so many television programs. Nope, I’m talking about your kitchen triangle. I am

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Have You Checked Your Footprint Lately?

Now stop looking at your shoes and there is no need to go outside and stand in the mud. Your footprint is right in front of you. Just go into

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How Is Your Cabinet Jewelry?

Do you ever get the feeling that your kitchen or bathroom vanities are just blah! It’s not something that you can pinpoint but an overall feeling that can be unsettling.

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