Scullery Kitchens – May 2015

I’ve been designing, selling and installing custom kitchens in Naples for 22 years now and I still learn something new every day. Some of what I learn is from research;

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Kitchens by Clay E-News – July 2014

  Happy Birthday America! It’s Summertime; warm breezes, welcomed rain and the driving is easy. What a difference a month makes. All over the United States people are now gearing

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Kitchens by Clay E-News – May 2014

Thank you Naples!! Thank you to Naples for a fantastic season and, might we add, still going strong! Business is robust and filled with high energy. These are exciting times.

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White Kitchens are all the Rage!

Beauty, comfort, functionality, flow, organization, symmetry, lighting, ventilation, trends, storage, appliances, essentials and wishes. What do all these terms have in common? They are just some of the ideas, thoughts and processes a

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Contractor Series part 6 of 6 - Installation

There is no denying that we at Kitchens by Clay love what we do. A lot of the reason is that we care about the process as much as we do about

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