White Kitchens are all the Rage!

Beauty, comfort, functionality, flow, organization, symmetry, lighting, ventilation, trends, storage, appliances, essentials and wishes. What do all these terms have in common? They are just some of the ideas, thoughts and processes a

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Contractor Series part 6 of 6 - Installation

There is no denying that we at Kitchens by Clay love what we do. A lot of the reason is that we care about the process as much as we do about

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Kitchens by Clay E-News – February 2014

Hello Spring, what’s the trend? As we continue to embrace our beautiful weather we may not actually feel the stir of cabin fever but do feel the need for a

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Kitchens by Clay E-News – January 2014

The SuperBowl is here! What will take place February 2nd for many people? They will gather together with friends and family, prepare some really great food, have some fun! My

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Contractor Series part 5 of 6 – Ease of Doing Business

Just saying “ease of doing business” sounds and feels good, doesn’t it?  There are a number of goals that clients want to achieve when they have decided to start a project. Over

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