What About The Schedule?

One of the most important things about your kitchen remodel is the schedule. We know how much work goes into the decisions that you have to make to get the

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Luxurious Kitchens Don’t Have To Be Expensive.

We here at Kitchens by Clay are blessed with a wonderful situation. Our customers and potential customers walk into our store and are amazed at how beautiful it is. We

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Complex Simplicity – Part Two:

Last month I talked about the ever changing world of cabinetry. I discussed the obvious changes over the last couple of decades and where we are now. By that I

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Complex Simplicity

This is a pretty exciting time to be in the cabinet business. Every once in awhile the entire business turns itself upside down and what was popular all of a

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Help With Your Remodel

This month I would like to guide you as to what you can do as the homeowner to help with your remodel once you have done all of your research,

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